Scroll animations by CF Design Tools

Bring your funnel pages to life with these breathtaking animations. Add delays to make stuff appear sequentially.

These 27 animations can be applied to any elements, images, buttons, text, headlines, columns, rows, sections, etc.

Fade Animations


Fade Up

Fade Down

Fade Right

Fade Left

Fade Up Right

Fade Up Left

Fade Down Right

Fade Down Left

Zoom Animations

Zoom In

Zoom In UP

Zoom In Down

Zoom In Right

Zoom In Left

Zoom Out

Zoom Out Up

Zoom Out Down

Zoom Out Left

Zoom Out Right

Flip Animations

Flip Up

Flip Down

Flip Left

Flip Right

Slide Animations

Slide Up

Slide Down

Slide Right

Slide Left

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© Copyright 2022 CF Design Tools.
All Rights Reserved.
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