Interactive Utilities by CF Design Tools

Use these utilities to enhance the user experience of your funnel visitors.

True Parallax Effect

At last, you can have an actual parallax effect on your funnel pages. In case you don't know what parallax effect is, it's when the background scrolls at a different speed compared to the foreground.

Webinar in Progress - Blinking Effect

   Your Webinar is in progress. Do not close window or presentation will end.

Background Overlay Effect

With this add-on you can put a overlay color on top of your section background image. In under 15 seconds flat! Now you can have more than one combination of background image and the overlay.

Background Overlay Effect

This is the same effect as above. Just to demonstrate how backgrounds and overlay can be unique, which isn't possible out of the box in ClickFunnels.

Date Picker

Footer Reveal Effect

Interrupt the pattern with this footer reveal effect. It helps you to grab back the attention towards the end of the funnel and make your prospects take action.

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© Copyright 2022 CF Design Tools.
All Rights Reserved.
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